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hi, we are the Vital family

We are a little family of 4, Washington locals who met in New Zealand, and share a love for quality coffee.


We started the coffee cart up in 2021 on San Juan Island & moved to the North Seattle region for our second year of business. 


The idea for The Stand was born years ago in the mind & heart of our owner and admin, Abbie Vital. Abbie has been a barista for 6 years and has been dreaming of these days; the making coffee and making a difference days. Abbie presented the business plan and idea to her husband, Stephen, and he was all for it. Together they made it happen. Stephen built the cart from scratch and Abbie designed & painted it. Together, we agonized over how to jump through legal hoops, get that health department on board, how to transport our cart, how to book events, and how to price those events, etc. etc. etc. We were left to our own devices and whatever we could scrap together from Pinterest, google, and lots of government policies.

We loved owning the cart, and finally after 2 years of trial and error felt like we had it DOWN! But once we welcomed our second kiddo, we realized that owning a mobile business, in a city, with two kids, and no family nearby, was maybe just too much for this season and decided to put the cart on pause until the kids are bigger and could be involved.


This hiatus time has held a lot of reflecting on next steps for our coffee dreams, hence how we decided to make an online course to bring everything together that we needed, into one resource for you to open and run a successful coffee cart.

This course will cover everything we needed and more in order to save you time and money when starting your coffee cart!

Thanks for supporting our dream and drinking good coffee!

& this is The Stand

The name “The Stand” is well… exactly that! A coffee stand yes… but a stand for something. That’s kinda our whole thing as humans, we all stand for something

With our business we are intentional about making stands. Every farmers market, fair,

or community event we give 10% of our sales from said event “standing for” a cause.

A few organizations we have supported & stood for are; the SJI Family Resource Center, Every Mother Counts, A Jesus Mission,

Destiny Rescue, the SJI Community Foundation, Animal Protection Society,

Plant with Purpose, Soroptimist of FH,

Not for Sale, and local families in need.

For every private event we do, we let the host choose a non profit that is close to their heart for us to donate 10% of the event proceeds to. 

Take a stand with us &

drink good coffee while doing it!

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