We are a little family of 3, San Juan island locals who met in New Zealand, and lovers of quality coffee.

It’s been a dream of ours to have a coffee shop, so we decided to work up to that by starting something on a smaller scale. We also love parties and giving back (keep reading) so this was a perfect solution! Thanks for supporting our dream and drinking good coffee!

Volunteers Packing Food


The name "The Stand" is well... exactly that! A coffee stand yes... but a stand for something. That’s kinda our whole thing as humans, we all stand for something.
With our business we are intentional about making stands. Every farmers market, fair, or community event we give 10% of our sales for said event “standing for” an organization/cause. A few organizations we have supported & stood for are; the FH Food Bank, the Family Resource Center, Every Mother Counts, A Jesus Mission, Helping Hands FH, Destiny Rescue, the SJI Community Foundation, the Animal Protection Society, Plant with Purpose, and Soroptimist of FH.
Our organization or program we are taking a stand for will be advertised on a sign at every event and we will cycle through our list!
Take a stand with us, and drink good coffee while doing it!