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what we offer

We would love to serve coffee at your next event here in the North Seattle region or upper PNW. We put care and thought into every event we cater, and can't wait to work with you to make your coffee party dreams come true!

For every event we make a custom drink or two, that captures the happy couple, thriving shop owner, happy graduate, or event theme. We also work with the host to choose a nonprofit for us to donate 10% of the event proceeds to. 

Here are our current 2022-2023 pricing estimates*, contact us for a quote for your specific event as there are many factors that play into event pricing. 

*pricing estimates are based on a 50 head guest count for 2hr
excluding potential travel fees if outside of snohomish/king counties


open bar event

Guests may enjoy as many drinks as they would like without racking up an extra bill for the hosts. All drinks are calculated into the price and paid for up front. This option puts minimal stress on the host as the service is completely paid for prior to the event & drinks are produced quicker due to not having to keep track. This is highly suggested for events such as wedding receptions or large parties where guests are very likely to get multiple drinks!

pop up event

We come set up and serve coffee at your event for a base fee, but guests pay for drinks as they order them! This option is perfect for a wedding, conference, family reunion, or any other large event with a budget.

open tab event

Guests may enjoy as many drinks as they would like, however, they are kept track of during the event. The tab accrued must be paid for via check, cash or card (there is a card surcharge so check or cash is preferred!) at the end of the event. This service results in slower drink production with the added step, but is suggested if you aren’t sure how many guests will attend the event. (i.e. a post wedding brunch, grad or birthday party, anniversary sale)

single drink service

The first drink for every guest is paid for by the host up front, once the guest has redeemed their covered drink, they are free to purchase any extra drinks they desire over the course of the event.

$315-775+ base fee prior to tab accrued




 We hired The Stand for the graduation night party at our school.  It was a huge success!  The kids were living their best life being able to order coffees at midnight.  

Abbie and Stephen were so accommodating and patient with the kids.  Not only that, the coffee is amazing! (brown sugar oat milk latte anyone?).  I would hire them again without question!  

Lisa R. 

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